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From a simple logo to full brand identity, every company needs a recognisable mark. Yet the visual impact of a brand goes much further. With careful consideration of each and every visual element that supports a core logotype, we create a visual identity that lifts a brand to new levels of professionalism. From colours, typefaces and supporting imagery, it’s the small details that make the big difference.


With the importance of digital communications growing constantly, it is easy to undervalue the importance of traditional printed literature. Despite the ever-increasing shift towards digital platforms, there will always be a need for high-quality printed items to support any online activity. Whether a simple flyer or a coffee table brochure, the strategic role of printed literature is as important as ever.


The power of advertising is well-known, with TV, newspaper and magazine adverts still leading the way in generating brand and product awareness. Whilst online advertising and promotion is playing an increasing role, a website will still benefit from a successful offline marketing campaign driving traffic to it. With the correct balance of information and intrigue, a printed advert or direct mail piece remains the perfect platform to shout about a brand or product in an intelligent and memorable way.


Launching or promoting a brand’s products or services at a trade show or exhibition can be an effective way to expose the brand to a captive and information-hungry audience. An exhibition is a golden opportunity to interact with prospect customers; generate leads; and gather data. They can also take a large chunk of any marketing budget. So the stand graphics and any supporting material need to work hard to engage, excite and entice, in order to maximise the effectiveness of what is a short but intense period of activity.


Although we can do most things under the HigherSites roof, from time to time even we need to bring in the specialists. Whether we need a film crew to create a product launch film, a 3D artist to create a rendering for the product, or an events team to launch the product at an exhibition, we only work with experts who match our exacting standards. Whenever there’s a specific project requirement that is outsourced, we keep a careful and creative eye on things, to ensure our hard work in managing a brand carries through to each deliverable.


A picture may paint a thousand words, but nothing gets the message across like a compelling piece of copywriting. With a few well-chosen words, written in a tone of voice that is sympathetic to both the brand and the intended audience, brands can be accurately positioned and product features and benefits clearly promoted. From snappy advertising copy that must be short and focused, to longer and informative copy found on websites and in brochures, every single word can help to convince customers of the virtues of a brand or a product, which in turn builds greater brand reputation and value.

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