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These days, it's not just what you do that's important. It's how you do it. Having a clearly defined working process in place ensures that each and every project receives the same exceptional level of dedication and attention to detail. We like to share our process with our clients. After all, when you're involved every step of the way, it's good to know where you're going. Onwards and upwards.


It all starts with a brief. Nobody knows what is needed better than a client, so we make every effort to understand exactly what is required and expected. And yet, the brief is only the tip of the iceberg. In order to deliver results that are effective and on-brand, it is essential for us to understand who our client is, what they do and who they do it for. By researching and defining key brand values and market positioning, we can approach each project armed with the knowledge and confidence to deliver the right messages to the right audience.


Prior to commencing any conceptual work, it is vitally important to identify the key goals of every communication piece. Simply creating good looking design is not enough; the design must be founded on a solid strategic platform. In other words, all marketing activity should only be implemented for a clearly beneficial reason. This ensures that the end-result will not only fit seamlessly into a brand's overall marketing strategy, but will also work hard to add brand value and maximise that all-important return on investment.


This is where the fun begins. Armed with pencils, paper and plenty of coffee, the HigherSites creatives lock themselves in the boardroom, thrashing out ideas and letting their minds run free. After every brainstorm session, all concepts are assessed with a harsh yet discerning eye. Any that deviate too far from the client's brief or brand values do not make the cut. The favoured routes that pass our strict internal criteria are then worked up to a level suitable for presentation.


After the presentation of concepts and the absorption of client feedback, the winning idea is expanded and translated into the actual project deliverables. After the scope of work is planned and scheduled, the appropriate HigherSites department is clearly briefed on the core concept and exactly what is required. Whether it's a printed brochure, a website or a new app, every component is overseen by a dedicated production manager and critiqued by the creative team at pre-defined stages of development.


The fully developed material is prepared and presented to the client. Feedback is gathered and final content is checked and amended. Copy is proofed and websites are tested. We check and hone, check and hone, and check again. The refinement stage is perhaps the most important of all, when our unwavering attention to detail and exacting proofing process turns our work from exemplary into exceptional.


One final, final proof later, all deliverables are approved and released. Whether that's sending a brochure to print, or making a website live, every stage is carefully monitored and controlled. Following the completion of each project, we allow ourselves a moment to enjoy what we've produced. And yet, we also know there's always scope to learn and improve. That's why we assess the production values and market impact of all completed material. This, combined with consumer feedback and interaction data, provides valuable insight and enhancements for future projects. It's a constant quest for perfection - one that defines who we are and what we do.

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