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When it comes to websites, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. For brands wishing to create online revenue streams, capture vital customer data and convert it into leads, or simply raise awareness of the brand itself, a website tailored to the specific brand requirements and objectives is essential. From highly visual brochure websites to complex online platforms requiring memberships, event bookings, video integration, interactive maps, social interaction and more, we can deliver professional solutions that are both on-brand and on-trend.


With an estimated global market worth more than a trillion euros in 2013, buying goods and services online is inexorably pulling shoppers away from the high street. We have extensive experience in creating user-friendly and highly secure online shopping websites. E-commerce websites often need to be integrated with accounting and supplier APIs, as well as a suitable Payment Gateway. We can handle all of this, plus we can even offer our own in-house Payment Gateway - Cardstream. Click here to find out more.


Whilst it’s great to have an ultra-slick website, even the best website in the world is no use if nobody can find it. Delivering the complete promotional toolbox for your business, we can help you increase your attraction, interaction and conversion figures for a tangible return on investment. In addition to SEO, there are many tools to entice visitors to your website, such as banner advertising, email marketing, social networks, blogs and forums. With extensive knowledge of the very latest online promotion tools and techniques, we can maximise your online presence and your brand visibility.


Integrating social media into corporate marketing plans is a major change in the way brands are doing business. With the huge popularity of networks such as Facebook and Twitter, ignoring the impact that these channels can have on a brand’s reputation is unwise, to say the least. However, any social media activity must be considered carefully - and should be integral to a brand’s overall marketing strategy.


HigherSites have developed and evolved our very own Content Management System (CMS). This in-house CMS is already proven in its flexibility and adaptability when applied to our bespoke website builds. Simple to learn and use, we also provide all the training and support needed for our clients to keep their own websites up-to-date with news and other content.


As part of our online services, we can provide ultra-fast and ultra-reliable website hosting. Our dedicated email and domain hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a security policy that’s tight enough to match UK bank, VISA and even Government levels of protection. With this level of peace of mind, you can start to see how your website will feel right at home on our servers.


These days, apps are a popular addition to larger marketing campaigns. Apps can expose brands to a new audience, whether for a simple product launch, a full product catalogue or an augmented reality experience. We can create and certify mobile apps to work across all the common platforms - Apple’s iPhone and iPad iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows, Symbian and Bada.

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